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Emir Demirkıran

Co-Founder / USA Consultant


  • BA Honours, Communications and Media, Carleton University
  • Certificate, SMWW, NBA Scouting and General Manager

Work Career:

  • 2016 NBA Las Vegas Summer League Scout for the New York Knicks
  • NetScouts Basketball FIBA Women’s Basketball European Scout (2016-2017)
  • Bella Vista College Prep Director of Development and International Recruitment (2018-2019)

Athlete Career:

  • Team: Orme Warriors
  • Degree: 2012-2013 Arizona Basketball CAA State Championship

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About Emir Demirkıran

After studying all of my high school years in different parts of America as an international student-athlete, I moved to Canada to complete my education for university. Relying on my successful experience in America and Canada, I decided to mentor young individuals like me who are dreaming of taking the same or similar paths. I believe that I am the motivational factor young student-athletes need in order to accomplish their dreams.

PSA draws career plans for all its students and leads them to achieve those goals until graduation from university. The priority of our company is to reach the career goals of the students going abroad with PSA.

My goal before leaving my home country for America was to become a General Manger for an NBA team, preferably the Miami Heat. While in second year of university, I decided to start this process by taking a NBA Scouting and General Manger course. That opportunity opened the doors for me to work with NetScouts Basketball for a year. I have also gotten the opportunity to work with the New York Knicks on a scouting project in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. I am now co-foundering a company that I have been dreaming, because PSA is the difference maker in student-athletes’ experiences in American schools.

NBA & NCAA Scoutıng100%
American Education System100%
NCAA Eligibility Requirements100%
Sportive Events Management100%
Career Planning100%