Hıghlıghts Vıdeo Edıtıng

Share Your Highlight Videos with Us


Highlights video is developed by combining the images of the player playing matches.

A “highlights” video is the most essential thing an athlete needs to get a scholarship in the USA. Highlights videos are great opportunities for athletes to show their talents to US coaches.

How PSA can help you regarding highlights videos?

  • It will be very helpful for students to get service from us while preparing highlights video to increase their scholarship chance.
  • We provide arrangements according to the video standards American Colleges prioritize and increase the chance of getting scholarship.
  • The students who choose to have highlights service from us are entitled to be featured on PSA YouTube channel. Players are more likely to be spotted by coaches thanks to this broadcast.

Highlights video is developed by combining the images of the player playing matches.

Why should you spare time for highlights video?

  • It is very effective to prove the player’s level.
  • These videos uploaded on the Internet can be watched by US coaches.
  • Your chance of being spotted increases.

FAQ about Hıghlıghts Edıtıng servıces from PSA

Why ıs Hıghlıght Vıdeo necessary?

The problems an athlete will come across unless he has a highlights video:
– No possibility of getting athletic scholarship from colleges
– Finding the appropriate school according to the athlete’s sport level will be harder because coaches in the USA find it hard to offer scholarship before they see the players or their highlights videos.

What are the ımportant factors ın Hıghlıghts Vıdeos?

Highlights video is a 3-5 minutes video summarizing the player’s, contest images. Match videos of the player are edited, summarized and the strengths of the player are highlighted. PSA knows what details coaches value, what students expect from highlight videos and edits videos accordingly. Our highlights services will help us to introduce you to the US coaches well.

I have hard tıme takıng hıghlıghts vıdeo; do you have servıces for thıs purpose?

If you have hard time taking videos, you can contact us to purchase our service. Please contact us for highlights video shoots.