College Placements
& Scholarships

If your dream is to play college sports in the USA, our college placement scouts will find you a school which is suitable for you academically, athletically and socially and will ensure that you’re placed in a related school where it fulfills your goals and desires.

Our team will push its clients to try harder and help them realize their true capacity.

Students who would like to benefit from our USA college services should be successful in sports and should be academically average students. These programs are designed in a way that the student must at least be an average student to be able to stay eligible in the league they play.

Note: We can provide scholarship opportunities to students who are below the average academically however, academic achievement will be a significant factor for the amount of scholarship given out.

The college leagues have several different sections. These sections are NCAA, NAIA, NCCAA and JUCO. Community colleges in the USA, which are 2 year schools, play in JUCO division. Other teams in sectors are the colleges with 4 years of education.

Whıch prıvıleges does PSA offer for college scholarshıp ın the USA?

Our team will help its athletes find a program that makes the perfect fit for both sides, the team and the player.

Colleges in the USA prefer to recruit and accept students who apply through us. Because as PSA, we receive the positions the teams are looking to recruit for each year.

Based on the lists we receive from the teams, we help the coaches find the players we know they would like. We only promote athletes that work with PSA.

Students who work with PSA can find school for themselves as of 10th grade. Therefore, PSA students know which schools they’ll attend before they have graduated and they eliminate the stress regarding the uncertainty of future.

Our recommendation to students who would like to be granted sports scholarship in the USA and their families is that they contact us and get the career planning service from us at an earlier stage.

Since we have strong communication with the college coaches, we can represent the students in the most appropriate way before universities. We tell the expectations of the students and families to coaches and we share their expectations with you in return

PSA offers its clients a FULL-REFUND policy if we fail to find any college for the athlete.

PSA respects and obeys the regulations and requirements set by the NCAA. We are not agents, we are scouts. Our work specializes on getting international athletes noticed by the college coaches.

What should I do to work wıth PSA?

You should fill the application form we prepared for college sports scholarships immediately!

Note: Colleges in the USA may not sign contracts with players who will be able to play 2-3 seasons later. For this reason the earlier you start the process, the more time you will have to gain scholarship. Approximately 2 years may be needed to find the most applicable scholarship therefore, we recommend students to contact us at 11th grade latest and ensure their scholarship according to their levels.

Frequently Asked Questıons about the USA College Scholarshıps

What ıs College Athletıc Scholarshıp?

The student should be successful in the sports branch he is playing to get athletic scholarship from the US colleges. Students can contact coaches at universities by themselves however, it may not proceed as they expect. We suggest you leave this process to us. You can start the process by sending us your highlight video.

What ıs Academic Scholarshıp?

College academic scholarships are opportunity for students who have high scores in SAT and TOEFL exams. These students should also have high school diploma grades. You can request scholarship by sending your English versions, translations of report cards and exam results to the college you aim for. If you work with us, we do this for you. In addition, you will have hassle free application process. Note: If your SAT score is higher than 1500, we advise you to contact us immediately.

For whıch sport branches are there scholarshıp opportunıtıes?

Sport branches you can gain college scholarships: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Athletics, Ice Hockey, and American Football.

Whıch colleges are you workıng wıth?

We communicate with more than 300 colleges. These colleges are divided into a number of sectors:
NCAA Division 1-2-3
NAIA Division 1-2
NCCAA Division 1-2
NJCAA Division 1-2