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Hıgh School &
Prep Placements

This program is available for all students who want to study in high school in America. We can make high school placement according to students’ academic and English levels. To get the benefit from scholarship discount, only one of the following criteria is sufficient for us:

  • Grade score average of 70 or higher
  • English score average of 90 or higher
  • Students who participate in outreach projects
  • Athletes

The scholarship amount granted by high schools are determined by two different factors. These are Academic and Athletic achievements. Since the most important factors to determine scholarship amount are based on these two, the level of the student is determined by his / her achievement in this field and provided to the school as a presentation.

The two main factors that influence the amount of financial aid received:

1- Academic Achievements

2- Athletic Skills & Abilities

Academic Scholarship

We have schools in America for students who want to benefit from academic scholarships. However, academic scholarships are a little bit different from athletic scholarships. The sooner you enroll in a school, the more chance you have because these schools give scholarships on the “first come first served” basis. For this reason, we are able to take advantage of early application opportunities and get academic scholarship discounts. Schools take the factors below into consideration while providing scholarship.

  • Grade score average of a student (Starting from High School 1st grade)
  • Students’ academic achievements within the school. For instance: highest ranked student in the school
  • English level of the student
  • The projects students participate in within the school
  • The projects that student has participated in the school
  • Students’ skills in art

Athletic Scholarships

Sport branches that you allow you to get scholarship discount in America and Canada:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Swimming
  • Ice Hockey
  • Athletics and Gymnastics
  • Golf
  • Chess
  • E-sports

We find schools according to the athlete’s level in America and Canada and we are trying to create the most beneficial environment for him. Schools are checking these factors to determine the amount of scholarship at high school for an athlete:

  • How many years have you been a registered player?
  • What is the place of sport in your life?
  • Do you have any individual achievements in the sport branch you have been doing?
  • Do you have any achievements with your team in the sport branch you have been doing?
  • Have you ever been a national athlete?
  • What is your Grade score average?
  • What is your English level?
  • Do you have any highlight videos?

FAQ In AthletIc ScholarshIps

What Is HIgh School AthletIc scholarshIp?

High school athletic scholarships are different from those in college; we do not offer full scholarship possibility. We can get a scholarship discount from schools, and we find schools that best suit the financial budgets of families.

What Is HIgh School AcademIc scholarshIp?

We have academic scholarship opportunities for all in high schools – but our condition is that your report card GPA is 85 or above. English level of the student is a factor affecting the scholarship discount significantly.

WhIch sport branches Include scholarshIp?

Sport branches that allow you to get a high school scholarship: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Athletics, Ice Hockey, and American Football.

WhIch hıgh schools do you work wıth?

We work with over 30+ high schools across America. According to the profiles of the students, we offer them the most suitable schools.