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Basketball and Volleyball
Scoutıng for Professıonal Teams

Our Scouting service is only available for professional teams. Our player scouting services (player scouting) are both inexpensive and very effective. Since our scouting service consists of 6 or 12 months of planning, teams need to determine their long-term plans.

Our long-term planning consultancy services are also available, and if the students do their planning with us, they can use our scouting services free of charge.

We offer customized and tailor-made programs for both students and professional athletes.

What ıs Scoutıng?

The scouting system is implemented in the scouting department, which is responsible for player observation and screening. Scouts can have many different duties, for example: player and team scouts are different.

Someone who takes on a task “Player-scout” has to investigate the players who could participate in the team in the future and prepare reports for them and offer them to teams.

On the other hand, someone who takes on a task “team-scout” has to investigate the strategies of the opposing teams and reports them to the coaches of the teams.

PSA can serve you player-scouting service.

Why do we suggest you to get the servıce from us?

  • We know the high potential players in the USA and we are in touch with them.
  • We have a pool of players that are ready to be trained in the low budget but in the star player caliber.
  • We monitor potential players for 6 and 12 months and report on changes in development or performance.

The reports we provide cover the following items:

  • Match stats
  • Match analysis (1 page)
  • Training reports (Monthly report)
  • Video analyses of big matches
  • Game systems where the player may be useful
  • Game systems where the player may be useless
  • Offensive and Defensive Analysis
  • Mental Strength
  • Market Value

FAQ about Basketball and Volleyball Scoutıng for Professıonal Teams

What happens to teams that do not do scoutıng?

Teams that do not perform scouting can make wrong player choices and experience serious financial losses when faced with inefficient player performance. Scouting service prevents any kind of potential problems. Expert scouts are obliged to bring the right player to the team.

Are there any scouting services other than basketball and volleyball?

No. Our Scouting services are limited to basketball and volleyball, based on the experience of our team. In addition, our work for football player scouting has started.