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As Play Sports Abroad, we have solution partnerships with institutions, organizations and organizations, each of which is the leader of their sector, both in Turkey and abroad in order to provide perfect service to our clients.

Bella Vista College Prep, Arizona - USA

Bella Vista College Prep is our recommended school for top-notch athletes who are looking to receive NCAA athletic scholarships. Because it’s an NCAA accredited school, we have been giving out athletes to NCAA schools continuously ever since 2012. The partnership between PSA and Bella Vista officially started in 2018.

Groupe Bemesa Consulting Group, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Groupe Bemesa is a consulting group that advises entrepreneurs to kickstart their projects and invest in their future. Their areas of expertise include event managing, project planning, and human resources services.

Lowkey Media, Video Production & Editing - Bangor, ME

Lowkey Media is a video production company that serves PSA’s clients for their highlights needs. Our highlights are highly favorable by coaches and it will increase your chances of receiving greater scholarships.

ALME Projects - Medya ve Pazarlama Danışmanlığı, İstanbul, Türkiye

Our partners are the top companies in their own respective industries, and are known to deliver high quality services and products. Our partners help us deliver unparalleled services to our clients. The reality is that no company can survive by its own in the age of information technology.

Prodigy Prep, Post-Grad School, Orlando - USA

Prodigy Prep is our recommended post-grad school for high level athletes focusing on basketball. Prodigy Prep has chosen PSA for their international athlete recruitments.