Co-Founder / Canada Consultant


  • Sports Management, Brock University


Get In Touch with Batu Öğretmen

Get In Touch with CO-Founder and Canada Consultant of Play Sport Abroad Batu Öğretmen.

About Batu Öğretmen

In 2012, My journey to North America started by receiving athletic scholarships, after playing multiple sports in High School I decided to study Sports Management and help student athletes that striving to be the greatest version of themselves. I am a well rounded young professional with ability to make the right decision as well as always providing the best options for our clients through my
experience and work ethic.

Psa’s 100% customer satisfaction motivates me the most and shows that whatever you do in life, if you put the right amount of effort and will into something you like You eventually become the best at it.

I have participated in over 60+ sport events as a volunteer, coach and agent. Events vary from a basketball camp in south of Turkey to Ontario Swimming Association finals, From EuroLeague FinalFour to Canada Wrestling Championship. Psa’s events are highly client oriented which allows us to be the running leaders of the sector.

Knowledge in European and North American style of multiple Sports 100%
Event Management100%
Business Planning and Operations100%
Sports Management100%