About Us

About Us

Play Sports Abroad is an international student consulting firm that enables junior, high school and university students to study with athletic and academic scholarships in the USA or Canada. Our company’s experience has started in 2012, as international students in America and Canada. Since then, the experience has given us the opportunity to see many mistakes in the international student consulting sector firsthand. The fact that these mistakes are not repeated by our company is the basis of the strong bond between our students and their families. Both of our company founders have had experiences living as student-athletes in America and Canada.

The achievements we have achieved to date have been ensured by the strong bond we create with our customers. We value customer satisfaction at most.

The achievements we have achieved so far have been achieved through the strong bond we have established with our customers; Failure to keep the promises made was the most frequently complained subject in the consulting sector. By working with Play Sports Abroad, you eliminate this problem. We know we are doing a delicate business that concerns the future of families and their children, and we ensure that the whole process is transparent by reporting each step to you.

Consultancy Service

What do our athlete consultants do?

  • Handle the application process to schools
  • Available on Skype everyday
  • Make sure the kids are okay by visiting them
  • Development Report for the parents
  • Handle the communication between schools and families

How we work

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